Automate your customers questions answers with Artseowriter chatbot!

Artseowriter chatbot will help your customers to get more detail about your product/ service easily.


What can Artseowriter chatbot can do?

Answer questions!

Artseowriter chatbot can answer any question related to your product/ service. Just you have to provide some information related to your product/ servcie to our AI chatbot and our chatbot will analyse it and answer the questions of your customers.

More customer satisfaction!

By using Artseowriter chatbot you don't have need to be worry about your customers support. Artseowriter chatbot will automatically handle all.

How to get started with Artseowriter chatbot?

First Step!

Register an account on Artseowriter by clicking the button given below!

Register Account

Second Step!

After registration login in to your account and go to manage chatbots from left site menu.

Last Step!

Now click on add new button from top right side corner and provide information related to your product/ service and click on create button then you will see your API key and API request example code.

For demo you can chat with our chatbot by clicking bottom right side chat icon.


Frequently Asked Questions about Artseowriter chatbot

Artseowriter chatbot helps you answer customers' questions related to your product or service. It is a chatbot API that you can use on your website. It is easy to use and you can get started with it in minutes.

By using Artseowriter Chatbot, you can easily answer your customers' questions related to your product or service automatically. You can customize your bot to give replies based on your products or services. You can also use Artseowriter chatbot API on your website or any web page.

It is absolutely free for you to use our bot. You do not have to pay any fees for using it. You only need a subscription for using our other services. There are two plans for using our services viz. Basic Plan and Pro Plan.

Yes, you will have to get an API key from Artseowriter website or from Artseowriter chatbot. Once you have the API key, you can add it to your bot for using it.

Company that is looking to sell their products or services online can use Artseowriter chatbot to answer their customers' questions.

Yes, you can create multiple chatbots for multiple products/ services that you are selling.